Maine Coon Facts

These beautiful creatures are so docile by nature, with warm personalities to match, they can even be thought of as the dogs of the feline world. Due to their calm and loving personalities a Maine Coon makes a great addition to a family that has children, even little ones. This gregarious cat breed doesn’t prefer retreating and enjoys being in the mix with the people of the home, and isn’t shy around children who are eager to pet them.

About Hopecats Maine Coons

I have been breeding maine coons for over 25 years. My daughter picked out a maine coon kitten at a show and I fell in love with this breed. Since as a young child I found companionship, admiration, and love for the felines.

Venturing into a new hobby, I began to show and acquire breeding cats which are all championed or granded. I love to travel and take my feline friends to shows as my companions. We all have fun and I have met new friends that are cat breeders as well as pet owners.

My goals are to breed pure breed maine coons with love in a healthy and happy living environment. Raised as a part of my family, my cats are never caged as some breeders allow. It is important to breed cats that are healthy and have a good  temperament.

My breeding cats are tested for feline leukemia and FIV and kittens are guaranteed to be free of viruses (FIV and Fleuk). I test my breeding lines for HCM ( feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) at 1 year and every 2 years after this until they are 7 years of age. Qualified cardiologist using the Doppler perfom and interpret the echocardiograms.

As a member of the CFA Maine Coon Breed Council, I strive  to meet the standards of breeding healthy show quality as well as kittens, cats available for pets.

Kittens are available as well as retired show cats to be adopted. CFA registration is per available spay, neuter agreement. Kittens may be available after 12 weeks after routine vaccinations and health checked by a licensed verterinarian.