Maine Coon Facts

The Maine Coon evolved on its own from good old natural selection, and developed all the characteristics of a good working cat. It is known for its mousing skills, but also its mild manner and friendliness. These long-haired cats make great family pets and therapy cats.

The Maine Coon cat breed was first accepted for Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) status in 1976. It is not uncommon for the greatest number of entries in a cat show to be Maine Coons, nor is it uncommon for one to win Best Cat. They definitely have championship status, starting with a brown tabby named Cosey who won Best in Show in the very first cat show held in Madison Square Garden in New York City in 1895.


What is a Maine Coon?

Your first impression is of size... Maine Coons are big cats. Big feet. Big ears. Big plumey tails held high. Good sized, often solid, bodies. Lots of fur. An adult male Maine Coon may weigh anywhere from 15 to 25 pounds (or more); females are usually smaller (even as light as ten pounds). Once you get to know them, though, you realize that Maine Coons aren't really all that big. They are perfectly sized. It's just that most other cats are so... ... small.

Maine Coons are fluffy. Medium to long-haired fluffy fur that rarely mats. Fur you want to sink your hands into. Maine Coons are cats you want to pick up, touch, hold, carry, love, squeeze and pet. Maine Coons are truly huggable cats.

Maine Coons like to play. They play in the water bowl, they play in the sink. They play with cat dancers and waving feather toys. Many will play "fetch the mouse" (or fuzzy ball, or wad of paper). A number of them love to play "chase me". Is it playtime now?

Maine Coons like to talk, but they talk differently from most cats. Maine Coons chirp, trill, and bleep. They have surprisingly small voices for such big cats (unless they are feeling particularly demanding). Never think a Maine Coon cannot attract attention when it wants to! Expect to have many conversations with a Maine Coon.

Maine Coons love to help. They are furry people. They want to help fold the laundry, help make the bed, help fix dinner, help you read the newspaper... whatever you're doing, they'll be happy to help. Or watch. Like all cats, Maine Coons are excellent supervisors. If you're using the computer, they will help type. Maine Coons are excellent typists but not very good spellers.

The Maine Coons I've known love to lie on their backs and make a fluffy tummy. They love to have their tummies rubbed. Most love to be picked up and carried around the house (preferably while you rub their tummy).


Maine Coons are gentle, sweet-tempered, and polite. They love attention but they aren't fussy or stuck-up. They know they're beautiful. They know they're wonderful.

Maine Coons are big warm purring teddy bears with soft fur and eyes you want to get lost in. They're the perfect cat (I think). Other cats have endearing qualities, but ever since I fell in love with my first Maine Coon, they're the only cat for me.